Cutter for notcher MZ 02 90F A

260,00  - 460,00  without VAT

Cutter for milling out the rounding in inside corners with the notcher for furniture parts MZ 02 90F A.

The milling cutters are manufactured to a high quality as individual pieces.

  • 2 cutting edges from diamond
  • Optimized cutting edge geometry
  • Finely balanced
  • Shank 8
  • For curves up to radius 12.5

For special requests we are at your disposal via the contact page or directly by phone: 05741 3012080.



Replacement cutter for the notcher: service life and resharpening

  • The diamond cutter for the notcher has a service life of about 10,000 corners on HPL-coated countertops.
  • The cutter can be resharpened depending on wear or breakout.
  • The minimum possible diameter is theoretically 33.6 mm.
  • In real terms, the smallest diameter should not be less than 34 mm.
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