Milling cutter 45 degrees for angled edge

186,00  - 372,00  without VAT

Milling cutter for finishing the glued-on edges on inclined narrow surfaces with 45°.
The set consists of 2 cutters with 1 thrust bearing with thrust ring, one cutter each for the pointed side of the narrow surface and for the blunt side.

The milling cutters are manufactured to a high quality as individual pieces.

  • 2 cutting edges made of carbide
  • Optimized cutting edge geometry
  • Steel thrust bearing with thrust ring for the respective angle
  • Radius at choice, standard is R2

Select the pointed or blunt side of the 45 degree narrow side from the options. The cutters can also be added individually to the shopping cart. For special requests, we are available via the contact page or directly by phone: 05741 3012080.


Milling cutter for edge finishing on slanted narrow sides

A radius is milled to an already existing bevel, see picture. The desired radius can be specified in the order notes when ordering. Standard is R2.

  • Radius 2, Shank 8mm

  • +45° (obtuse angle), -45° (acute angle)

  • Mounted with thrust ring

  • Carbide

  • Speed up to max 30,000 rpm
  • Suitable for wood and plastic, maximum edge protrusion 3mm. The smaller the edge protrusion is, the better the milled surface is

Cutter for pointed side in working position

Quality assurance on the cutter 45 ° for the blunt side
Checking the assignment of the thrust ring and cutting edge on the pointed side
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