Notcher MZ 02 90F A

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The notcher MZ 02 90F A mills out the rounding in corners. The radius is removed and the inside corner is notched. The notcher produces a sharp-edged inside corner. Very high accuracy, diamond cutter. Standard stroke 60mm.

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Corner milling with the notcher

Dear carpenters and joiners in craft and industry,

we have good news for you: the tedious manual work with file, chisel or jigsaw when notching inner corners is now a thing of the past! With our notcher MZ 02 90F A, you can remove the rounding in corners quickly and precisely, saving valuable time.

Thanks to the probing milling movement of the notcher, you achieve a high degree of accuracy when machining corners. The workpiece is also protected in the process, so that no chipping occurs on the surface layers of the plate. The notcher MZ 02 90F A is set to an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter. Even with a CNC woodworking machine, this accuracy is very difficult to achieve. With our notcher you can rely on a consistently high quality of your products and save time.

Our notcher MZ 02 90F A is ideal for processing inside corners on panel-shaped materials made of wood or plastic. You not only save time, but also costs, as the risk of rejects is significantly reduced.

The notcher has been successfully used in trade and industry for more than 12 years. It is carefully manufactured by us in individual craftsmanship and delivered ready for use with a diamond cutter.

Purchase our notcher and experience for yourself how easy and precise corner processing can be. We are convinced that you will be thrilled with our notcher.

Mobile, fast and flexible use

What the notcher can do:

  • Notching radius inside corners, for example on worktops
  • For incisions and cutouts
  • Precise, probing milling on the workpiece
  • Easy to use

Task: Remove radius in the corner

Solution: Mill corner

Application area
  • The notcher starts where the router ends
  • Notching radius inside corners, for example on worktops
  • Lower costs than with a machining center
  • Very easy operation, very good result
Function and operation
  • Place the stop housing in the inside corner
  • Pull the start lever: The engine turns and the cylinder is retracted
  • Continuously advance the rotating cutter through the plate
  • Release start lever and push motor back to starting position
  • Euro 2810 net + shipping
  • 1 week test without obligation and free of charge
Technical requirements
  • Compressed air, limited to 6 bar
  • Regular addition of compressed air equipment oil
Scope of delivery
  • Machine
  • Milling cutter, mounted and preset
  • Each machine with cutter is tested on wood/plastic and approved
  • Initial equipment compressed air equipment oil with specification
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool

The notcher is easy to handle:

The notcher in use, here during worktop production
Before: The workpiece has the radius from CNC milling in the inside corner - After: The radius at the inside corner is removed in one step.
The components
The depth stop is set so that the plate is milled from the first side. - After turning the plate, the stop is pushed back and finish milled from the second side.
Before notching, the workpiece has a radius at the inside corner. - After notching with the corner former, the radius is cleanly removed.
Maximum inner radii: workpiece thickness 16mm/maximum inner radius 8mm - workpiece thickness 18mm/maximum inner radius 10mm - from workpiece thickness 19mm/maximum inner radius 12.5 mm
Working procedure: 1. place the stop housing in the inner corner, 2. pull the start lever: The motor rotates and the cylinder is retracted, 3. Continuously advance the rotating cutter through the plate, 4. Release start lever and push motor back to home position.
Notcher MZ 02 90F A

More information


 Notcher with tactile milling


  • Stop housing with integrated special air motor
  • 1 special slide cutter, shank 8mm, length of axis-parallel cutting edge 13.5 mm
  • Linear guide with recirculating ball carriage and hardened linear rail
  • Eccentric sleeve on the air motor for axial and radial adjustment
  • Manually operated on/off of the air motor
  • Pneumatic stopper cylinder
  • Depth stop for notching without tear-out on both sides
  • The depth stop limits the plunge depth. Thus, after turning the plate, a tear-free cut can also be produced on the second side.
  • Exclusively for removing the radius at 90° inside corners on panel-shaped materials made of wood or plastic such as worktops.

Work Method/Limits:

1. maximum thickness of the workpiece: 60mm

2. minimum length of the shortest side in a cutout enclosed on all sides:


3. for notches without tear-out on one side, the maximum permissible inside corner radius is 12.5 mm .

4. for notches without tear-out on both sides, the workpiece is milled in from the first side and, after turning, finish-milled from the second side. The following limit values apply to the workpieces to be machined:

  • For workpiece thickness 16mm: Inside corner radius up to 8mm
  • For workpiece thickness 18mm: Inside corner radius up to 10mm
  • Workpiece thickness 19mm and greater: inside corner radius theoretically up to 12.5 mm. (Other values on request).

The freedom from tear-out at the radius outlet also depends on the material. If necessary, the radius must be reduced.


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