Large notcher MZ 02 90F A E

5.375,00  without VAT

The large notcher MZ 02 90F A E has been designed for processing cross laminated timber, solid laminated timber or CLT.

Roundings on inside corners are removed, which remain after milling a cutout.

In the workflow, the repositioning of the often very large workpieces is saved. They remain outside the CNC machine for milling the inside corners with the large notcher MZ 02 90F A E. The customer of the workpiece receives a higher quality workpiece.


The large notcher MZ 02 90F A E is designed for processing solid laminated wood. For this purpose, the power of the furniture notcher MZ 02 90F A, (without E), is no longer sufficient. Curves on inner corners are removed. These were previously left when milling a cutout. The machine is made of aluminum plates. Weight: 13.5 kg.

Original video from our customer Stora Enso, Ybbs plant, Austria

When milling a cut-out in glulam, the cut-out part remains in the workpiece. To remove it, the workpiece must be taken out of the machine. This makes subsequent repositioning necessary. This is time-consuming and expensive.

The MZ 02 90F A E large notcher eliminates the need for repositioning with milling precision. While the curves in the inside corners are being removed from the first workpiece, a second workpiece can already be machined on the milling machine.

The on-site customer is relieved of machining, which as a general trend is increasingly in demand.

More information

Large notcher MZ 02 90F A E

for corner notching with electric motor

  • Stop elements for slinging on the sides of the inner corners
  • 1 piece V-shaped cutter, fixed, shank 8mm, point angle 90°. Depending on the cutter, a residue may remain in the inner corner, forming a plane about 1.5mm wide.
  • Linear guide
  • Adjustment of the motor to the stops
  • Detachable fixing of the 0-position of the adjustable stops
  • Attachment for suction hose
  • On/off switching directly on the motor
  • Weight about 13 kg
  • Exclusively for removing the radius at 90° inside corners on panel-shaped materials made of pine and spruce.

Work Method/Limits:

1. maximum thickness of the workpiece: 220 mm, upon request also greater.

2. minimum length of the shortest side in a cutout enclosed on all sides:

about 350 to 400 mm.

3. maximum inner radius: 20 mm, larger on request

4. in order to limit the chipping/fraying on the top and bottom, the V-shaped milling cutter must be advanced into the workpiece carefully, slowly and without lateral displacement up to the maximum milling width and a few millimeters beyond.

Only after this pre-milling can through-milling be performed across the width of the workpiece with the exit on the opposite, pre-milled side.

5. depending on the type of cutter used, a residue remains in the inside corner, forming a plane about 1.5 mm wide.

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