All angle flush cutter MZ 100 160V

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The all-angle flush milling cutter is used to mill end-face edge protrusions flush. Very well suited for angles deviating from 90°: Sloping roof parts, trapeze tables, beveled fronts, bedheads, countertops. Also for top and bottom flush milling or corners on beveled fronts.

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Task: Flush edges Before

Solution: Patented flush cutter After

For beveled fronts, trapezoidal tables, worktops

Our flush router is the perfect tool for carpenters and joiners who want to quickly and easily machine edge strips, glue-ons, or edge banding on the corners of panel-shaped workpieces. Unlike conventional hand-held machines, which are only suitable for 90° corners if at all and require complex adjustment for deviating angles, our flush router provides the solution for simple and fast processing.

Thanks to a pneumatic drive unit and a coaxially mounted tool with thrust bearing, you can remove edge strip protrusions with ease. The contact unit is flexurally rigidly connected to the drive unit and does not require stops for the second narrow side, which enables simple and fast machining. The cutter's thrust bearing rolls on the adjacent edge. The cutting edges of the cutter are thus kept at a defined, very small distance from the adjacent edge. This enables precise machining of the protrusions and prevents damage to the surface of the adjacent edge.

  • Flush milling of the edge strip protrusion at corners up to about α=160° can be performed easily and precisely with this milling machine.
  • Thanks to the quick change between different angles, the machine can be used particularly flexibly without the need for time-consuming adjustment.
  • The clean milling result speaks for the high quality of the machine and ensures a perfect surface.
  • The machine is particularly light and offers very good handling, which has a positive effect on working comfort.

In short, our flush router is the ideal tool for carpenters and joiners who need fast, easy and precise processing of edge strips on the corners of panel-shaped workpieces. Our flush router will save you time and increase the quality of your work. Try it out today!

What the all-angle flush cutter can do:

  • Flush milling of the edge strip protrusion at corners up to α=160°.
  • Quick change between different angles without adjustment
  • Clean milling result
  • Very light, very good handling

Did you think it would go so well?

Application area

For the individualization of series furniture or for the edge processing of special parts, the corner former MZ 100 160V offers new possibilities for edge milling.

Finally a corner former for flush milling of face edge protrusions on angles up to 160° ! And that at different angles without adjustment.

Function and operation
  • Air motor with carbide flush cutter, also with thrust bearing
  • Stop rail for contact on the side of a workpiece
  • Bend resistant yet lightweight construction made of high quality aluminum, no casting
  • Industrial property right applied for at the German Patent and Trademark Office

With high quality German air motor including mounted cutter, tested and delivered ready to mill: Price see above.

Technical requirements

For operation, it is necessary to regularly supply compressed air device oil. This can be done for sporadic use by directly dripping into the
compressed air connector or, for continuous operation, by a maintenance unit set to 1 drop of oil per minute.

Scope of delivery
  • Machine
  • Milling cutter, mounted and preset
  • Each machine with cutter is tested on wood/plastic and approved
  • Initial equipment compressed air equipment oil with specification
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool

The Allwinkel flush cutter has been on the market since 2010 and has proven itself very well:

What the corner former all-angle flush cutter can do:

1. flush milling of the edge strip protrusion at corners up to α=160°.
2. quick change between different angles without adjustment
3. clean milling result
4. very light, very good handling

How it works:

1. air motor with carbide flush cutter, also with thrust bearing.
2. stop rail for contact with the side of a workpiece
3. bending resistant and nevertheless light construction made of high quality aluminum, no casting
4. industrial property right registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office

  • Excellent good concentricity
  • Very quiet
  • Very powerful

Preparation: Roughly cut off edge protrusion to about 3mm, max. about 6mm

Right corner

  1. At a right corner with your right hand embrace motor.
  2. Grasp the stop rail with the left hand.
  3. Press the workpiece with the left heel of the hand.
  4. The left hand forms a pivot bearing.
  5. The tool is swiveled from bottom to top, removing the protrusion.

Left corner:

Rotate machine around longitudinal axis, sequence corresponding to right corner

More information

All angle flush cutter


  • Pneumatic special drive from German production, particularly quiet, light and powerful, with high runout accuracy
  • Shank 8mm
  • max. approx. 23,000 rpm
  • max. 6 bar
  • approx. 440 watt
  • approx. 600l/min
  • Milling cutter with thrust bearing, nominal dia. 12.7mm, protrusion thrust bearing to cutting edges checked/adjusted, carbide, 2 teeth, shank 8mm
  • Sword width 40mm
  • Polycarbonate top and bottom protection
  • For flush milling of protruding edge strip ends made of wood or plastic:
  • Maximum 160° workpiece inside corner angle.
  • Up to 3mm edge thickness
  • Prerequisite:
  • The adjacent workpiece narrow side should be at least about 200 mm long for good guidance.
  • The edge strip protrusion must not be greater than 3mm. The corner former is not designed for cutting through a long edge strip projection.
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