All angle flush cutter MZ 100 160V H

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The all-angle flush milling cutter H is used to mill end-face edge protrusions flush. In contrast to the standard flush milling cutter, complex components can be machined with the H variant. Very well suited for so-called puzzle parts and other special parts. Proven in the production of caravans and mobile homes. There is a version on the right as shown and a mirror-image version on the left.

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The working principle

The working principle is based on the standard flush cutter and is described there.

The application on the complex workpiece

Flush cutter H with workpiece 1

The story behind the flush cutter H

Narrative generated on the basis of real specifications with AI (artificial intelligence), revised with human intelligence. We use this to demonstrate what is possible with new methods and that we as a company use them for our customers:

A manufacturer of caravans and mobile homes had an agile and dedicated employee in the work preparation department. The employee, whose name we have changed and whom we call Henry here, had long been looking for a way to simplify internal processes.

During his Internet search, Henry came across the company Dr. Christoph Heßler Maschinensysteme (CHM HESSLER), which had developed the innovative flush milling cutter. Impressed by CHM HESSLER's expertise and commitment, Henry made contact and began an intensive exchange. Henry quickly recognized the potential of a new milling cutter for the production of caravans and motor homes. He could vividly imagine how the use of this innovative tool would improve the quality of the work while reducing production time. His passion for his work drove him to find a solution to integrate the new cutter into the company.

It initially turned out that the existing flush milling cutter could not process all the workpieces that the caravan builder needed. Once the requirements were clarified, CHM HESSLER developed a special variant H of the flush cutter that met the company's needs. Henry provided important feedback on the development of this variant and worked closely with CHM HESSLER's design and manufacturing staff. In this way, he ensured that the new flush cutter was perfectly tailored to the needs of the caravan builder.

Throughout the project, Henry wore a mask due to the Corona period, making his face unknown to CHM HESSLER. Despite this physical barrier, he continued to work closely with CHM HESSLER to discuss and implement concepts, modifications, test deployments, and protective elements.

When the flush cutter H was finally successfully introduced, the caravan builder was thrilled with the quality and precision it made possible. Employees were grateful for Henry's commitment and enthusiastically embraced the new router. Production processes became more efficient and work was made easier, resulting in increased satisfaction and motivation among employees.

After the successful launch of the flush cutter H, Henry finally had the opportunity to visit CHM HESSLER at their booth and meet them in person. Being greeted without a mask symbolized the completion of a joint project and the success of the collaboration between the caravan builder and CHM HESSLER. Henry deserves recognition for his valuable role in the introduction of the flush cutter H.

The story of the Flush Cutter H and the collaboration between Henry for the Caravan Builder and CHM HESSLER underscores the importance of partnerships, innovation and adaptability. It shows how shared commitment and collaboration can lead to new solutions, even in challenging times like the Corona pandemic.

Flush cutter H with workpiece 1

What the all angle flush cutter H can do:

  • Flush milling of the edge strip protrusion on parts with cuts and protrusions
  • Quick adjustment of the center stop to adapt to the workpiece geometry
  • Quick adjustment of the front stop with fixing block
  • Quick change between different corner angles without adjustment
  • Clean milling result

More information

All angle flush cutter


  • Pneumatic special drive from German production, particularly quiet, light and powerful, with high runout accuracy
  • Shank 8mm
  • max. approx. 23,000 rpm
  • max. 6 bar
  • approx. 440 watt
  • approx. 600l/min
  • Milling cutter with thrust bearing, nominal dia. 12.7mm, protrusion thrust bearing to cutting edges checked/adjusted, carbide, 2 teeth, shank 8mm
  • Sword width 40mm
  • Polycarbonate top and bottom protection
  • For flush milling of protruding edge strip ends made of wood or plastic:
  • Maximum 160° workpiece inside corner angle.
  • Up to 3mm edge thickness
  • Prerequisite:
  • The adjacent workpiece narrow side should be at least about 200 mm long for good guidance.
  • The edge strip protrusion must not be greater than 3mm. The corner former is not designed for cutting through a long edge strip projection.
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