Edge router universal for angled edges

What the edge router Universal can do for angled edges:

  • Finishing on inclined narrow sides, e.g. beveled fronts
  • Due to the large contact surface, which is larger than standard edge routers, the guidance becomes safe and even.

Reliable and flexible to use

Can also be used for the absolute special cases:

  • Flush milling of the angled edges on only partially chamfered narrow sides. It is milled flush to the vertical remaining edge.

The components of edge milling machines for oblique edge

System features

Application area
  • Finishing on inclined narrow sides, e.g. beveled fronts
Function and operation
  • Special tools for the particular angle
  • 1 cutter for the acute angle, 1 cutter for the obtuse angle
  • Thrust bearing or straight stop
  • About Euro 1500 to 2000 per angle
  • Test on demand
Technical requirements
  • 220V alternating current
Scope of delivery
  • Machine
  • Milling cutter, mounted and preset
  • Each machine with cutter is tested on wood/plastic and approved
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool

Customer testimonials

VEDDER GmbH, Lüdinghausen, yachts, private jets, residences

    Mr. G. Wittmann, 22.11.2017 after testing the notcher MZ 02 90F A: "A great device, high quality execution and mature" . 1 year later on 03.12.2018: "We are very satisfied with the notcher. We can only recommend" The notcher is...

Kölner Möbelwerkstätten GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne-Lövenich

Mr. P. Esser on 03.12.2018 on the KF 400 TOP edge milling machine after more than 2.5 years in use: "We love this part. It is in use with us every day for several hours. We use it to do smaller jobs before painting, such as rounding. One employee is...

Hoffmann joinery, Olsberg

"Hello Mr. Heßler, we have tested your KF 400 Top edge milling machine extensively in the last few days and would like to buy it! Please send us the invoice for this. Thank you again for the opportunity to test the edger beforehand without obligation and...

Uebelhack joinery, Neustadt/Fürth am Berg

"The corner former we purchased from you is the best complement to our edge banding machine. This machine should not be missing in any carpenter's or joiner's workshop." Uebelhack joinery, Neustadt/Fürth am Berg

Dan kitchens, Linz

"The principle of the corner formers, moving the cutter on a guide, produces clean and high-quality work results. At the same time, the corner formers are light and very pleasant to handle. The corner former principle is an innovative development,...

Carpentry & wood trade Anetsberger GmbH, Windorf

"The corner copier is quickly ready for use and easy to handle. The powerful air motor saves a lot of space and weight on the device. Left and right corners are easily milled without having to convert or...

This is only available here

  • TOP function
  • TOP Handling
  • TOP processing
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Advice from the manufacturer
  • Test free of charge
  • Purchase on account

Reliable service

  • With the purchase of a machine from our company, you always buy the comprehensive service with it. This starts with the testing of the machine before delivery and does not stop with the prompt elimination of any defects and the continuous further development of our equipment.

Machine adapted to workpieces

The edge milling cutter Universal can be adjusted to your workpieces. Before delivery, the router is tested with your workpieces. Just call:

Germany 05741 / 296 405
International +49 5741 / 296 405



Personal advice

Dr. Christoph Heßler Machine SystemsDr.-Ing. Christoph Heßler

At the Ronceva 5
32312 Lübbecke
Phone: +49 (0) 5741 / 3012080
E-Mail: christoph.hessler@c-hessler.de


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